Frank Vogel ca1887Franz Josef Vogel was born on 2 Nov 1869 on property #145 at Batzdorf in Bohemia. He was one of nine children, the fifth son, of Wenzel Vogel and Christine Vogel (Beschorner). When Franz Vogel was born, Wenzel was age 29, and Christine was 33 years of age. Wenzel and Christine Vogel farmed and operated a guest house in the small town of Batzdorf. Soon after birth, Franz Joseph Vogel was baptized into the Catholic Church.

At age 17 years, Franz Josef Vogel immigrated from Bohemia to the United States of America, arriving at New York City, New York on 25 Jun 1887. He traveled from Bremen, Germany on the S. S. Aller. Franz Vogel migrated first to Yale in Guthrie County, Iowa where his brother lived and subsequently settled temporarily at Panora in Guthrie County. By 31 Dec 1887, Franz Vogel migrated to Farnhamville in Calhoun County, Iowa to live with an aunt and uncle Volkmeir. In the USA, Franz Josef Vogel was commonly known as Frank J. Vogel.

On 1 Feb 1893, Frank Vogel and Alvina Carolina Katherena Dohrmann married at Farnhamville in Calhoun County, Iowa. Alvina Dohrmann was born at Joliet in Will County, Illinois on 21 Oct 1871, a daughter of Heinrich F. C. Dohrmann and Dorothea Dohrmann (Seil). Heinrich and Dorothea Dohrmann were natives of Hamburg, Germany. At their marriage, Frank Vogel was 23 years of age, and Alvina Dohrmann was age 21. In Dec 1893, a daughter, Hermine Henritta Christina Vogel, was born to Alvina and Frank Vogel.

Two additional children were born before 1900, Herman Henry August Vogel on 21 Jan 1895 and Dorothea Anna Elizabeth Vogel on 22 Aug 1899. The 1900 Federal Census of Cedar Township in Calhoun County, Iowa enumerates Frank Vogel, age 30 and born in Austria; his wife Alwine Vogel, age 28 and born in Illinois; Minnie T. Vogel, age 6; Herman H. Vogel, age 5 years; and Dora L. Vogel, age 9 months. All children were born in Iowa. Both parents of Frank Vogel were born in Austria, and both parents of Alwine Vogel were born in Germany.

Frank Alvina Vogel 1Feb1893A daughter, Bertha Magdalena was born to Frank and Alvina Vogel on 1 Aug 1902, and a son Edwin Frank Vogel was born on 29 Jan 1908, both in Cedar Township of Calhoun County, Iowa. The 19 Apr 1910 Federal Census of Cedar Township enumerates the Frank Vogel household as Frank Vogel, age 40 years, born in Austria and working as a farmer; his wife Alvina Vogel age 38 and born in Illinois; Hermine Vogel age 17; Herman Vogel, age 15; Dorothy Vogel, age 10; Bertha Vogel, age 7; and Edwin Vogel, age 2 years. All children were born in Iowa. The parents of Frank Vogel were born in Austria. Contradicting the 1900 Federal Census, the 1910 census records the father of Alvina Vogel as born in Germany, but her mother as born in Austria.

A 1911 plat of Cedar Township in Calhoun County, Iowa shows Frank Vogel as the owner of three-quarters of the west part of Section 34, Township 87 North, Range 31 West.

On 23 Apr 1912, Frank Vogel applied for a U.S. Passport. In addition to dates of birth of family members, the application states that Frank Vogel was naturalized as a citizen of the United States before the District Court of Calhoun County, Iowa on 13 Oct 1892. With this application, Frank Vogel stated that he planned to go abroad temporarily and to return to the United States within four months. The application describes Frank Vogel at age 42 years as 5 feet and 4 inches in height with high forehead, blue eyes, and blonde hair.

The 1915 Iowa State Census records Frank Vogel as age 45 years and born in Austria. At the time of this census, he had lived in Iowa 27 years. The 1915 Iowa census recorded Frank Vogel’s religion as Lutheran; his total 1914 earnings as $3,745; the value of his farm or home as $70,000; and the incumbrance on his farm or home as $11,200.

The 14 Jan 1920 Federal Census of Cedar Township in Calhoun County, Iowa enumerates the household of Frank Vogel, age 50 years and born in Austria, including his wife Alvena Vogel, age 48 and born in Illinois; and children Herman, age 24 years; Dorthy, age 20; Bertha, age 17; Edwin, age 11; and Erma Vogel, age 3 years and 7 months. All children were born in Iowa. Frank Vogel was working as a farmer, and his son Herman Vogel was working as a farm laborer.

The 1925 Iowa State Census enumerates the household of Frank Vogel, age 55 and his wife Alvina Vogel, age 53 years with children Dorothea, Bertha, Edwin, and Erma Vogel.

At the 1930 Federal Census, only Dorothy Vogel, age 27 years and Erma Vogel, age 13 years are still living in the Frank Vogel household. Frank is recorded as age 60 years and born in Bohemia; and Alvina Vogel as age 58 years and born in Illinois.

Frank Alvina Vogel ca2feb1943Frank Vogel retired from farming in about 1932, and Frank and Alvina Vogel moved to the Town of Farnhamville in Calhoun County, Iowa. The 9 Apr 1940 Federal Census of Farnhamville enumerates the household of Frank Vogel, age 70 and born in Germany, and his wife Alvina Vogel, age 68 years and born in Illinois. Irma May Vogel, a daughter age 23 years and born in Iowa, was also living in the household and worked as a beauty operator.

Frank Vogel was a member of the Town Council of Farnhamville, Calhoun County, Iowa and served on the Board of Directors of the Farmers Lumber Company.

Frank Vogel died at 5:15 AM on Sunday, 10 Oct 1943 at McCrary Hospital at Lake City in Calhoun County, Iowa due to complications with appendicitis.  Funeral services were held on Tuesday, 11 Oct 1943 at Saint Peter's Lutheran Church; the Reverend Walter E. Heddrick presided.

Frank Vogel is buried in Reading Cemetery in Calhoun County, Iowa.


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