Robert Frank Emanuel, ca 1955Robert Frank Emanuel was born on 3 Jul 1915 at Dallas in Dallas County, Texas, a son of Frances Lewis Emanuel (Frank Emanuel) and Kate Holmes Emanuel (Stone). At his birth, his mother was 33 years of age, and his father was age 40. The Emanuel family lived at 3513 Lindenwood, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.

Robert Emanuel was born into a family of four other children: Lewis Stone Emanuel, Claibe Morgan Emanuel, Margaret Kate Emanuel, and Alfred Thorn Emanuel. On 21 May 1919, another son, James David Emanuel, was born to Frank Emanuel and Kate Holmes Emanuel at Wichita Falls in Wichita County, Texas.

Soon after David Emanuel's birth, the Frank Emanuel family migrated to Esculopia in Benton County, Arkansas with the intension of opening a tourist resort. The 11 Feb 1920 Federal census of Esculopia, Benton County, Arkansas enumerates the the household of Frank Emanuel, age 46 years and born in Georgia, and his wife Kate S. Emanuel, born in Louisiana. Robert Emanuel was 5 years of age and not yet attending school.

FrankL Emanuel Sons smAt the 1930 U.S. Federal Census (4 Apr 1930), Robert Emanuel then age 14 was living with his family in Collingsworth County, Texas in the Texas Panhandle.  Margaret Emanuel, Alfred Emanuel, David Emanuel, and Patricia Emanuel as well as Robert were all still living at home.  Robert's father Frank L. Emanuel gave his occupation as lumberman. Wellington is the seat of Collingsworth County.  The 1930 Census taker first listed Wellington as the place for the page enumerating the Frank Emanuel household, but this was latter revised by a strike-through (initialed by Pitts 30 Jun 1930). This suggests that the Frank Emanuel household was located near Wellington.

The Handbook of Texas Online describes Collingsworth County in the late 1920's with "all the land in the county suitable for farming was occupied, and in 1930 Collingsworth County maintained a mixed agricultural economy, with numerous cattle ranches and over 246,000 acres of farmland. Almost 26,400 cattle were counted in Collingsworth County that year, while local farmers planted corn, wheat, oats, alfalfa, milo, and, especially, cotton; about 162,000 acres was devoted to cotton production alone. In 1930 the census enumerated 2,112 farms and 14,461 residents in the county. The Great Depression and Dust Bowl interrupted Collingsworth County's expansion during the 1930s. The number of farms in the county fell from 2,112 to 1,358 between 1929 and 1940, and the population of the county dropped from 14,461 to 10,331 during the same period."

During the period 5 Sep 1937 and Nov 1939, Robert F. Emanuel and Fannie L. Emanuel (Countryman) lived at 2836 N.W. 21st Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA. In late 1939, the couple moved to 2229 NW 30th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.

At the 1940 Federal census, Robert F. Emanuel and Fannie C. Emanuel (Countryman) were living at 2231 Northwest 30th Street in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA. Robert and Fannie Emanuel owned their home, and it was valued at $4,600. Robert F. Emanuel worked as Chief Clerk, Passenger Department, Railroad and earned $2,400 income during the 12 months ending 31 Dec 1939. Fannie C. Emanuel (Countryman) was employed as a stenographer with the Post Office and earned $1,950 during the 1939. On 1 Apr 1935, Robert F. Emanuel and Fannie C. Emanuel (Countryman) were living at the same location.

Robert Frank Emanuel and Fannie C. Emanuel (Countryman) are buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, Section 3, Lot 177, Graves 1E and 2E at 13400 North Kelly, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.