John Battle was born in Yorkshire, England, in about 1634 (43, Page 199). He married Elizabeth in England, in about 1652; her maiden name and parents have not been identified. About two years after their marriage, John and Elizabeth Battle immigrated to Nansemond County, Virginia, possibly by way of Ireland (43, Page 199; 96). John and Elizabeth Battle may have fled England and then Ireland with a daughter Alsey because of religious persecution (43, Page 200).

On 14 Dec 1654, John Battle received a land grant for 200 acres on the West Branch of the Nansimum River for the transport to the Virginia Colony his wife, Elizabeth Battle, and himself, as well as Thomas Nowell, and Robert Wolfe (374).

On 25 Sep 1663, John Battle acquired a grant 640 acres of land in North Carolina on the “westward side of the Paspetanke River” (43, Page 199; 375). On 25 Sep 1665, he was granted an additional 60 acres of land on the “westward side of Paspetanke River, beginning on a point which parts this and land of Mrs. Fortsen, running southwest” (43, Page 199).

A son, William Battle, was born to John and Elizabeth Battle in 1682, likely in Pasquotank County, North Carolina (43, Page 199). At William’s birth, John Battle was about 48 years old. John and Elizabeth Battle likely also had a daughter Alsey Battle who died young (43, Page 200).

On 24 Apr 1682, John Battle was granted 580 acres in Kill Mary Swamp in Nansemond County, Virginia for the transport of 12 persons into the Colony (376).

John Battle died in Pasquotank County, North Carolina in about 1690 (43, Page 199).

Notes and Comments

John Battle may have been born in Yorkshire, England in about 1634. His parents may have been William Battell and Margaret Dukes (43, Page 199).

A daughter Alsey Battle was born to John Battle in England or the Virginia Colony; she died young (43, Page 200).

A 14 Dec 1654 land grant to John Battell is assumed to have been to John Battle.

Geographic Boundary History

In 1642, Upper Norfolk County, Virginia was renamed Nansemond County.

Pasquotank County, North Carolina was formed as early as 1668 from Carteret Precinct and Albemarle County.


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