Jesse Battle was born on 18 Jul 1738 in Bertie County, North Carolina (1044, 1029). His parents were John Battle and Sarah (Browne) Battle. At the birth of Jesse Battle, John Battle was 29 years old—the date of Sarah (Browne) Battle’s birth has not been determined.

Following the death of his father on 24 Apr 1740, Jesse Battle’s grandparents, William Battle and Sarah (Hunter) Battle, brought Jesse and his sister Pricilla Battle to Nansemond County, Virginia and served as guardians. At the death of his father, Jesse Battle was one year and nine months old.

In about 1756, at age 18, Jesse Battle married Susanna Faucette in Nansemond County, Virginia (43, Page 202). At their marriage, Susanna Faucette was about 18 years old. Tradition holds that Susanna Faucette, a French Huguenot, escaped France hidden in bales of silk. Her father, Francois Faucette, settled near Suffolk in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County. Susanna is believed to have had a brother Benjamin Faucette who also immigrated to the Virginia Colony.

Prior to the Revolutionary War, ten children were born to Jesse and Susanna Battle in Nansemond County, Virginia (43, Page 202–203):

John R. Battle in about 1757,
Benjamin Battle in about 1759,
William Sumner Battle on 26 Oct 1761,
Sarah Battle in about 1763,
Polly Battle in about 1765,
Bathsheba Battle in about 1767,
Jesse Battle in about 1770,
Lewis Battle in about 1770,
Susannah Faucette Battle on 7 Apr 1773, and
Mary Battle on 12 Dec 1774.

Jesse Battle, born in about 1770 died soon after his birth.

In about 1777, the Jesse Battle family migrated from Nansemond County, Virginia to Edgecombe County, North Carolina where he settled on Swift Creek. During the American Revolution, Jesse Battle was a Patriot, providing supplies to American soldiers (43, Page 169; 1029).

On 4 Jul 1777, a son Lazarus Battle was born to Jesse Battle and Susanna (Faucette) Battle in Edgecombe County, North Carolina (1044).

Jesse Battle appears on 1780 and 1782 tax lists for Nash County, North Carolina (1027). On 2 May 1783, Jesse Battle was restored to the office of Justice of the Peace for Nash County, North Carolina by a resolution of the North Carolina General Assembly. A son Isaac Battle was born in about 1781, likely in Nash County, North Carolina (43, Page 203). A son Reuben Taylor Battle was born to Jesse Battle and Susanna (Faucette) Battle on 10 Sep 1784 in Nash County, North Carolina (43, Page 203).

On 25 Oct 1786, Jesse Battle and his wife, Susannah Battle, of Nash County, North Carolina sold 500 acres of land in Edgecombe County, North Carolina to Isaac Hilliard of Nash County for 500 pounds Virginia money (1031, Nash County, North Carolina Deed Book 4). The land is described as a tract of 500 acres on the north side of Swift Creek on Lane’s Swamp and the Thomas Hart line, it being part of a 563 acre grant by Earl Granville to Jacob Whitehead on 14 May 1756. Arthur Arrington, John Arrington, and Isaac Newsome witnessed the deed.

Before 20 Feb 1787, the Jesse Battle family migrated from North Carolina to Greene County, Georgia (43, Page 202).

On 19 Oct 1792, Jesse Battle signed a petition to Governor Telfair of North Carolina to the effect “that part of the County of Green that was formerly called Wilkes County” was in dispute and seeking relief.

Jesse Battle appeared on the 1794 tax list for Whitfield District, Hancock County, Georgia.

In 1798, Jesse Battle received a grant of 1,000 acres of land on Grabells Creek in Greene County, Georgia by head rights (1032).

Jesse Battle made a will in Hancock County Georgia on 20 Aug 1805 (1033). Jesse Battle died on 25 Aug 1805 in the home of his son John R. Battle in Sumter County, Georgia. According to records of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Jesse Battle is buried in Hancock County, Georgia (103).

Notes and Comments

Jesse Battle and Susanna Faucette married in 1756 in Nansemond County, Virginia. The Will of Jesse Battle made in Hancock County, Georgia on 20 Aug 1805 names “Susannah my Dearly beloved wife.”

Various applications to the Sons of the American Revolution document Revolutionary War service by Jesse Battle.

In her will of 2 May 1842, Susanah (Battle) Fairchild names her children and by Jesse Battle: Serene (

Geographic Boundary History

Nash County, North Carolina was created on 24 Dec 1777 from parts of Edgecombe County.

North Carolina was the 12th state admitted to the Union on 21 Nov 1789. Georgia was granted statehood on 2 Jan 1788.

Greene County, Georgia was created on 3 Feb 1786 from parts of Washington County, Georgia.

Hancock County, Georgia was created on 17 Dec 1793 from parts of Greene and Washington Counties.


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