On 5 Apr 1864, Isaac Countryman purchased one acre of land in the Varick Township of Seneca County, New York from Lewis Ireland and Elizia his wife for $25 (754). The tract was described as “bounded on the north by lands owned by William Borroughs, on the west by lands owned by Morris Bird, on the south by the center of the highway running easterly and westerly (commonly known as the Marsh Road), and on the west by lands owned by the said Lewis Island.”

754 Indenture 1864 600px

On 9 Apr 1870, Isaac Countryman purchased an additional five acres of land from Morris Bird and his wife for $250 (774). This larger tract was described as commencing in the centre of the highway at the southwest corner of lands owned by J. E. Benninghoof, formerly Lewis Island, thence north along said Benninghoof’s land to lands owned by Thomas Tarr, thence westerly along said Tarr’s land … thence south along said Tarr’s land to the centre of the highway, thence east to the place of beginning.

774 Deed 1870 650px

On 25 Nov 1871, Isaac Countryman sold the five acres of land in Varick Township that he acquired from the wife of Morris Bird by deed dated 9 Apr 1870 as well as the one acre tract that he acquired from Lewis Island and his wife by deed dated 5 Apr 1864 to Hannah Countryman, the wife of his son Andrew Countryman, for $250 (756).

Deed by Isaac Countryman to Hannah Countryman, 25 Nov 1871

The approximate location of the combined six acres of land along Marsh Road can be identified on an 1858 map of Seneca County, New York showing major property owners.

775 1858 Countryman Tract 600px


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URL: http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.gmd/g3803s.la000562

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