Rebecca Shearin was born in Virginia in 1745. She was the first known child of John Shearin, Sr. and Lucretia (Rivers) Shearin (1223). Rebecca Shearin and Jonathan Ragan, Sr. married before 15 Oct 1761 in Granville County, North Carolina (115, 465, 1223).

A daughter Polly Ragan and a son Nathaniel were born to Jonathan and Rebecca Ragan in about 1762 (582). A son John Ragan was born to Jonathan Ragan, Sr. and Rebecca (Shearin) Ragan on 8 Jul 1766, probably in Bute County, North Carolina (465, 498).

The Jonathan Ragan family was living in Bute County, North Carolina by 13 Feb 1768 when the Bute County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions appointed Jonathan Riggan to a petit jury (1209, Page 12). In about 1768, a daughter Ann Nancy Ragan was born to Jonathan and Rebecca Ragan in Bute County, North Carolina (586, Page 14). A daughter, Rebecca Ragan, was born in Bute County in 1771 (586, Page 14); a daughter Winifred Ragan was born in 1773; and a daughter Elizabeth Ragan was born in 1774.

A son, Jonathan Ragan, Jr. was born in about 1775, and a son Asa Ragan was born in about 1776. Jonathan Ragan, Jr. and Asa Ragan were probably born in Bute County or Anson County, North Carolina.

Before 1776, the Jonathan Ragan family migrated to Anson County, North Carolina where Jonathan signed a petition to divide Anson County (1080).

By 1 Nov 1782, the Jonathan and Rebecca Ragan family was living in Wilkes County, Georgia where Jonathan made an inventory of the Estate of Edward Hammett (533).

Rebecca (Shearin) Ragan died in Oglethorpe County, Georgia before 19 Oct 1787. At her death, Rebecca was about 42 years old.

Notes and Comments

In his will, made in about 1794, John Shearin, Sr. names nine daughters: Mary Cimbrill, Elizabeth Thompson, Agnes Acree, Bekky Reggan, Curtice Kirk, Susanna Durham, Frances Bell, Sarah Crutchfield (1223). Bekky Reggan was Rebecca Shearin who married Jonathan Ragan, Sr. before 15 Oct 1761 in Granville County, North Carolina (465).


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