The inventory of the estate, returned on 28 March 1754, was valued at a total of £370.0.0, including 18 slaves valued at £348.10.0. An additional inventory returned on 25 April 1754 totaled £114.3.6, including 5 slaves worth £114. The estate was distributed on 3 April 1754 to the children of William Bohannon, Elliott Bohannon, Judith Askue, Duncan Bohannon, children of Robert Bohannon, deceased, Margaret Gollorthun, and Sarah Saymor, with each share being valued at £66.15.8. On 27 June 1754 an additional inventory was recorded in the amount of £25.5.0. The share of the children of William Bohannon consisted of “Tom, a negro man, 35.0.0, Tamer, a negro woman, 30.0.0, Jamey, a negro boy 1.0.0, one set of Va. cloth bed curtains & vallens & 2 grubbing hoes 0.15.8, total value £66.15.8.