Duncan Bohannon, Jr. was born in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia, in about 1675. He was a son of Duncan Bohannon and Cecily Bohannon (Collmore). His mother, Cecily Bohannon, died three years later at age 43 years.

Duncan Bohannon, Jr. and Sarah Elliott married in about 1697, presumably in Gloucester County, Virginia. On 12 Jun 1722, Henry Bolton transcribed a list of the children of Duncan and Sarah Bohannon from the register of Kingston Parish in Gloucester County, Virginia as:

Sarah ye Daughter of Dunken and Sarah Bohanan was born ye 7th of Sepr. 1698
Judeth ye daughter of Dunken and Sarah Bohanan was born ye 6th of May 1699
William ye Son of Dunken and Sarah Bohanan was born ye 4th of Aprill 1701
Dunken ye Son of Dunken and Sarah bohanan was born ye 17th of January 1704
Robert ye Son of Dunken and Sarah Bohanan was born ye 30th of March 1707
Elliott ye Son of Dunken and Sarah Bohannon was born ye 21th of December 1711.

(Source: Transcribed by Henry Bolton from the Kingston Parish register, 12 Jun 1722. Thelma Faye Cain Prince, "Our Southern Ancestors," Accessed 6 Dec 2009)

On 26 Apr 1704, Duncan Bohannon was granted 145 acres of land in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia for the transport to the Virginia Colony of three persons: William Cluny, Harris Temperance, and John Smithson. The tract adjoined lands of Richard Dudley, Captain Knowles, Captain William Armistead, and Aldridge. The 145 acres of land beginning at a red oak, Richard Dudleys corner and running along Captain Knowles line, etc. (Source: Land Office Patents No. 9, 1697-1706, Volumes 1 and 2, Page 591. Archives, Library of Virginia)

A Duncan Bohannon appears on the 1705 quit rent roll for Kingston Parish of Gloucester County, Virginia as Dunkin Bohannah for 113 and 1/2 acres of land. John Bohannah appears on the 1705 rent roll for 113 and 1/2 aceas and Joseph Bohannah appears for 148 acres. It appears that Duncan Bohannon, Sr. divided is land between his three sons prior to 1705, and that Dunkin Bohannah on the quit rent roll was duncan Bohannon, Jr. Presumably, Duncan Bohannon, Sr. died before 1705.

On 6 Jan 1730/31, Duncan Bohannon, Jr. purchased 611 acres of land in St. Georges Parish of Spotsylvania County, Virginia from William Eddings and his wife Rebeccah of Spotsylvania County. Duncan Bohannon, Jr. paid ₤175 currency for the land. Theophilus Eddings, Thomas Burton, and Elliott Bohannon witnessed the deed. On 2 Nov 1731, Dunkin Bohannon of St. Stephens Parish of King and Queen County, sold the 611 acres of land to William Eddings of St. Marks Parish of Spottsylvania County for ₤175. At the time of this deed, the land was in St. Marks Parish of Spottsylvania County, Virginia. On the same day, William Eddings conveyed 312 acres of land to Dunkin Bohannon for ₤47 pounds currency. Robert Turner, Thomas Park, and Dunkin Bohannon, III witnessed both deeds.

On 5 Feb 1734/35, Dunkin Bohannon of King and Queen County sold the 312 acres to William Eddings of St. Marks Parish of Spotsylvania County for ₤30 currency. G. Home and James King witnessed this deed.

On 2 Mar 1753, Duncan Bohannon, Jr. made a Will in St. Thomas Parish of Orange County, Virginia. He died before 1 Mar 1754, presumably in Orange County, Virginia.

On 1 Mar 1754, Duncan Bohannon, III presented the Will of Dunkin Bohanon to the court, and it was proved by witnesses.

At his death, Duncan Bahannon, Jr. owned land in King William County, Virginia.

In his Will, Duncan Bohannon, Jr. names sons William, Duncan, Robert, Elliott, daughters Sarah Saymor (Bohannon), Judith Askue (Bohannon), Margaret Gollorshun (Bohannon). In a codicile, Duncan Bohannon, Jr. names Franky Bohannon, daughter of hiw son Dunkin Bohannon, and Mary Bohannon, daughter of his son Elliott Bohannon. According to the Will, Margaret Gollorshun (Bohannon) was married previously to Henry Rice.


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