With sadness we announce the death of our late friend, Robert M. Scott, who departed this life on Sunday evening, January 19th, at his residence in this parish, aged 64 years, 6 months and 20 days. On the day following his decease his remains were conveyed by numerous friends, accompanied by his sorrowing family, to the grave, on his own premises. He had been a citizen of this State forty-two years, about forty years of which had been spent on the place where he died. Being one of the few old citizens left, he will be sadly missed by the number thus reduced who remain with us. Being hospitable by nature, he had become endeared to a large circle of acquaintances in this and adjoining parishes, who will share with us the sympathy for his grief stricken widow and children. No more will we shake that warm, honest hand. The vacant place in the family circle will bring sadness to the heart of many a visitor; but let us remember that although the body is dead, the soul lives, and will linger amongst us, unseen but felt, until we all in our turn, one by one, shall join him in the spirit land, beyond the grave, where the storms and strife of this world’s corruptions cannot reach us. Flowers tended by loving heads and watered by tears of affection will bloom for many years over the grave which covers his remains; autumn winds will scatter their decaying leaves around him as if to remind us of the end to which we must come at last. Then, as we linger by his resting place, let us drop a reverend tear to his memory and piously pray to heaven that we may leave a record as spotless as his. Until it come our turn to meet thee, dear friend, FAREWELL!