Emanuel Jones was born before 1690, likely in Wales, and immigrated to Chester County of the Pennsylvania Colony before 1722, when he first appears on tax records there (307). He resided in Charles Town Township of Chester County until his death in about 1757. His wife’s given name was Jane; her maiden name and ancestors have not been identified. Before 1710, a son David Emanuel was born to Emanuel and Jane Jones, in Chester County, Pennsylvania. A daughter Ann likely was born before Apr 1733; however, her date of birth is uncertain.

During the period 1722–1753, Emanuel Jones appeared regularly on Chester County, Pennsylvania tax lists (307). On 4 May 1731, he witnessed the Will of John Lewis as did his son, David Emanuel along with John Rees and Morgan Williams (66, 318). At Charlestown, on 21 Jan 1740, Emanuel Jones witnessed the Will of Llewelyn Martin (13). The Will of Llewelyn Martin named David Emanuel as a guardian. In 1743, Emanuel Jones was appointed a Trustee of the Charlestown Presbyterian Church (15).

On 1 Nov 1744, an item in Franklin’s Penn Gazette advertised a tract of 218 acres in Charles Town Township of Chester County, Pennsylvania with the remark “enquire of Emanuel Jones and David Emanuel living on the same” (250). Apparently, the David Emanuel family were living on land acquired by Emanuel Jones. In 1744, Emanuel Jones was about 53 years of age. Before 1748, the David Emanuel family migrated from Chester County, Pennsylvania to Lunenburg County, Virginia (105).

On 19 Jan 1748, Emanuel Jones received a warrant for 10 acres of land in Chester County, Pennsylvania and on 19 Feb 1750, 8.78 acres of land in Charlestown Township were surveyed for Emanuel Jones. The survey indicates that this land was adjacent to “Land late of said Emanuel Jones.” On 30 Oct 1765,  Jonathan Wells received a patent on this land; Emanuel Jones is recorded as the warrantee. Emanuel Jones was about 63 years old, and likely was content to occupy a smaller tract of land.

Emanuel Jones Survey

On 30 Apr 1754, Emanuel Jones made a will in Charlestown Township of Chester County, Pennsylvania (66). He named his wife Jane, son David Emanuel, and a daughter Ann Williams, who at the time of his will was living in Wales. Emanuel Jones died in Charlestown Township in about 1757, at about 67 years of age. His will was filed on 30 Aug 1758 at Philadelphia in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

On 14 Aug 1758, Daniel Beaton renounced his role as Executor of the Estate of Emanuel Jones (320). On 29 Sep 1758, David John and William Thomas signed an inventory of the Estate of Emanuel Jones  (319).

Notes and Comments

The oldest son of Emanuel Jones, David Emanuel, Sr., was born before 1710. If Emanuel Jones was at least 18 years of age when he married, then he likely was born in about 1690.

Emanuel Jones is found on tax lists for Charlestown Township of Chester County, Pennsylvania for: 1722, 1725, 1727, 1729, 1730, 1735, and 1753. A 1722 tax list records Emanuel Jones as Manuel Jones. The 1722 tax lists for Charles Town Township provide the earliest evidence of Emanuel Jones in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

The Presbyterian Church, built in 1742, was the first church in Charlestown Township of Chester County, Pennsylvania. The church was located on Upper Egypt Road, near Charlestown Village.

As one of the first trustees of the Presbyterian Church, Emanuel Jones is likely buried in the Old Charlestown Cemetery at the site of the Presbyterian Church.

The Will of Emanuel Jones names a daughter Ann; little else is known about her.

Charlestown Presbyterian Church and Cemetery

The Charlestown Presbyterian Cemetery is located on the Phoenixville-Charlestown road being just north of the Village of Charlestown, Charlestown Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. The cemetery is associated with the Charlestown Presbyterian Church, which was founded in 1743 on a portion of land given by Job Harvey. The Church was located in the northwest portion of the present graveyard.

The present graveyard, being the original purchase, was situated on one of the earliest laid-out roads in this section.  One of the first persons buried in this graveyard was Lewis Evans, of Vincent Township, who died May 19, 1762.


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